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No hassle and easy to use

No hassle and easy to use

Private & Discreet

Private & Discreet

24/7 Access to investigators, worldwide

24/7 Access to investigators, worldwide

Free quotes from member agencies

Free quotes from member agencies

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Quick videos about topics important to you.

Check out some of these videos to learn how to select an investigator and stay up to date on some of the most current scams effecting all of us and might be related to why you are here.

When hiring a P.I.

Some common sense tips to consider before hiring a Private Investigator.

COVID 19 Scams

There are many scams online and via phone that you need to be aware of so you don't fall victim.

Is everyobody lying?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more.  Do people use online resources to simply lie about everything?

Spot an online scam

Great, quick tips on what should make you aware of a possible website trying to scam you out of private information.

24/7 Expert support.

Our staff is here to assist you!  We are active and retired investigators familiar with the industry from an investigative standpoint and consumer side as well.  We know hiring an investigator can be expensive and intimidating, so we are here to assist as much as possible.
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA