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Alerts Investigations, Inc.

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Licensed Private Investigators
Establishment year: 2021
Employees: 4


Business Offers

Another Perspective on Free Consultations
Fulton Avenue, Los Angeles
10 September 2022
Free 15 minute Consultation
Bahama Street, Los Angeles
18 August 2022


Price List

  • General Investigations
    USD 125.00
    General Investigations

    This is our agency hourly rate for most investigations.

  • Surveillance
    USD 200.00

    Standard hourly rate for one operative with a four hour minimum. Ask us about discounts on multi-operative assignments.


LM Smith
Lead Investigator
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Clint Basson Jr.
Data Security
As Alerts, Inc. has grown over the years we have had to employ the best data security team ever assembled and it's lead by Clint. He is a former US Intelligence Officer and has worked with some of the highest security clearances anyone could ever be trusted with. You should trust him with your data security needs as much as we do.
Michael Johnson
AOE/COE Lead Investigator
Mr. Johnson has been with Alerts since it's inception and is an expert in Workers Compensation investigations with a Masters Degree in Advanced Justice Studies and he is a former FBI Special Agent. Michael has always found some of the most creative solutions that prevent losses to our business clients and he is available for consultations.
Jenny Cortez
Administrator / New Cases
When you contact Alerts, you will be engaged by Jenny. Her friendly disposition and attention to detail is amazing and she understands that every client's needs are unique and she is sure to let you know this from the beginning. Jenny has been with us for ten years and know the investigative industry from A-Z and will help you feel special.


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Opening hours
Always open
We are always available, 24/7 but after hours calls are billed at a premium rate.