Get rich with film investing?

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Does anyone actually make money in film investing?  Even the largest studios lose massive amounts of money every year on their own investments, why would a private equity investor think they have a chance?

Hahaha . . . that's what I said to myself when I typed the title for this article.  I'm still chuckling as I move forward.

Every day, thousands of people are contacted via phone to invest in the latest project from a number of independent film studios or small producers.  Like the image above, those calls come from boiler rooms designed specifically for calling potential movie investors.

So you know, you will never be contacted by a major studio to invest in one of their movies, especially if the studio is a publicly traded company.

At this point you might be thinking, I've never got a call about investing in a movie.  You might not have and most likely either these studios haven't come across your contact information yet or you don't meet their criteria for the people they want to reach.  

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